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Snare Drums - updates in progres

Guru solid shell snare drums - musical, distinctive, articulate, & rich in character

Here at Guru, we strive to build the best snare drums in the world.  We specify the most characterful tonewoods, hand select the highest quality matched boards, & meticulously craft them into the finest instruments available.  Attention is paid to every detail, ensuring that the end result is a drum that delivers exactly to expectations.  We use our vast knowledge of tonal properties, generic shell character, bearing edge profiles, & hoop forms, to develop instruments with a defined & distinctive voice.

Joe Morris - Pro tour/session drummer, clinician, & Music Director
        at the Conservatory of Recording arts & Sciences (USA)                  

Professional musicians know that getting the snare drum sound exactly right is critical to any performance, whether it be in the studio or live.  

Drummers like Joe Morris, who need to know their snare is going to dial in straight away & deliver at every session, providing the perfect platform for expression & that stand out performance.


In detail


We craft our snare drums from a wide variety of wood species, from domestic timbers to exotics, & everything in between.  As one of the only makers in the world to specialise in steam bent, stave, & segmented solid shell construction methods, we're in a unique position to advise you of the best construction to give you the playing character you're seeking.  

For further details on inherent shell characters, please visit our shell constructions page. The combination of  timber species & shell construction will define the foundation voice of your instrument.  From that platform, we develop the bearing edges, & select appropriate hoop forms to further augment the playing character.  Finally, the best quality hardware to ensure years of reliable service.



We make all of our steam bent, stave, & segmented solid shells in house.  We never buy shells from others.  Every shell is crafted personally by master drumsmith, Dean Price.  

We offer an ever expanding range of hoop options too, including our signature solid segmented hoops. Unlike ply wood hoops, they resonate freely, & in harmony with the shell, adding considerably to the shell tone, & ultimately, the voice of our instruments.  We offer a Guru model 3 position Trick strainer, in either chrome or black nickel finish, plus your choice of Evans or Aquarian heads, & Puresound wires, all as standard. 




10" - 16" diameter, 4" -  10" deep.  Solid steam bent, 5mm - 10mm thick with internal rerings
10" - 16" diameter, 4" - 10" deep.  Solid stave, 5mm - 10mm thick with internal rerings
10" - 16" diameter, 3" - 10" deep.  Solid stave, 10mm - 38mm thick
10" - 16" diameter, 3" - 10" deep.  Solid segmented, 10mm - 38mm thick

Guru signature solid segmented in matching or contrasting timber species
1.6mm & 2.3mm triple flange in chrome black nickel
"S" hoops in chrome
Die cast in chrome and black nickel
Guru 2mm triple flange in chrome and bright nickel available sometime 2013

A selection of twin post single sided & double sided in chrome and black nickel
Traditional tube in chrome and black nickel
Origin aluminium in triple chrome and bright nickel available sometime 2013

Guru model 3 position Trick in chrome and black nickel

Snare wires:
Choice of Puresound wires, others available to order

Choice of Evans & Aquarian, others available to order

We recommend & supply protection Racket AAA cases at special rates when ordered with any Guru drum.