Guru Drumworks

Origin series features overview

The product of two years of intensive research to find the ultimate instrument.  Zero compromise, with every design element, material, & variable evaluated for effectiveness.  Countless hours of A-B testing finally lead us to the core construction principal that defines the Origin series.  There are two primary ranges within the Origin series, Performance, & Classic.  Each range features it's own distinctive solid shell construction, bearing edges, sizes, & timber species, working in harmony to produce their exceptional sound palate & resonant voice.  Each solid stave or steam bent shell is then mounted with the most advanced hardware system yet developed, allowing each shell to speak with a clear fundamental & deliver across a wide dynamic & tuning range.

                  Unique shell construction

The heart & foundation of Origin series drums.  Exquisitely crafted undrilled 6mm thick stave or steam bent shells with external rerings.  The external rerings not only remove overtones associated with internal rerings, they also provide the mounting positions for Origin's innovative ultra low mass hardware.  Bearing edges are machined on the resonant shell, not the external rering, ensuring full resonance transfer to the shell.  The result is the ultimate in shell resonance, clear fundamental, & full voice at all dynamic levels.

                       Lugs & tension screws

Machined from high quality solid aluminium, Origin's innovative lug design offers ultra low mass & minimal external rering contact, yet super secure tension & tuning retention.  Fine thread M5 stainless steel tension screws aid smooth tuning & accuracy.

                  Floor tom brackets & legs

Machined from the same high quality aluminium as our Origin lugs, the floor tom brackets offer secure clamping of each leg whilst contributing minimum weight.  Mounted directly to the external rering, not the shell, these brackets deliver maximum resonance retention performance.  This is further enhanced by Origin's super lightweight aluminium legs, terminated to match the lug form.  Adjustment is by stainless steel drum key operated screws to reduce both weight & bulk.

                 Bass drum brackets & spurs

Almost identical in design & construction to the floor tom leg brackets, Origin's bass drum spur brackets offer the same quality & sonic advantages, low mass & total stability.  Stainless steel adjusting screws plus lightweight aluminium spurs with adjustable rubber feet complete the system.  Spurs fold neatly into the side of the bass drum for ease of packing, or can be removed if required.

                              Bass drum hoops

All origin series bass drums come with Guru signature solid segmented hoops as standard.  Much effort & time goes into crafting these exquisite hoops, & not just because they look great.  These hoops offer complete rigidity & tuning accuracy, plus they contribute to the overall sound palate.  Unlike thick ply hoops that are essentially sonically "dead", our signature solid segmented hoops sing in harmony with the shells to add further richness to the drum's voice.