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Origin Performance Range

Huge tone, distinctive voice - there's no mistaking Origin Performance range

In detail

Our Origin series Performance range drums are crafted from Padauk.  Mainly sourced from Gaboon, central Africa, it's a fairly fast growing species, & highly valued as a primary tonewood.  Used extensively in the making of marimba & finger drums for it's exceptional resonance, it's natural voice is similar to most rosewoods, but with the slightly darker lows of true mahogany.  It's distinctive red colour mellows over time to a beautiful flame plumb brown.  The undrilled stave shell construction effortlessly transports the most faithful reproduction of padauk's natural vibrant voice.  Combined with Origin's unique low mass hardware, the result is an instrument with unequalled depth & projection of tone.  The inherent control afforded by the stave construction keeps everything in check, so these drums work superbly under mic'd conditions as well as in an acoustic only environment.


Just as in our Classic range, each kit is crafted from the same boards, from the same tree.  It's important that the whole kit has a coherent response across all playing dynamics.  Performance range drums are designed to be used unmuffled, with the possible exception of the bass drum batter head, according to personal preference.

Bearing edges are fairly sharp, but far removed from a modern standard double 45 degree edge.  Both batter & resonant edges feature a half roundover to the outside, with a 45 degree counter cut.  Batter & resonant edges have different radii applied to the peak, + the radii varies according to the drum size.



Beauty is in the attention to detail too.  Origin's bespoke aluminium hardware not only looks good, it's low mass adds greatly to the instrument's ability to perform.  Design queues such as the floor tom leg tops matching the lug profile, stainless steel screws on every bracket, are all aimed at distinguishing the Origin series.  

The Performance range comes with triple chome plating finish to all hardware as standard.  Not only does this work visually with the beautiful solid padauk shells, it's also tough & easy to maintain.  Bespoke stainless steel M5 tension screws make fine tuning easy, as well as offering years of trouble free performance.


6MM thick undrilled solid stave padauk

Guru signature segmented evangkol as standard on bass drums.  "S" hoops standard on toms.  Bespoke Guru 2mm triple plated chrome hoops available sometime 2013.

Hardware (lugs, legs, spurs, brackets):
Aerospace grade aluminium.  machined from solid bar/billet.  Hand polished & triple chrome plated.  Stainless steel screws.

Tension screws:
M5, 30tpi, bespoke plain shank, stainless steel

Available sizes (diameter x depth):
Bass drums: 18" x 16"    20" x 14"    20" x 16"    22" x 14"    22" x 16"    24" x 14"    24" x 18"    26" x 18"
Floor toms:  14" x 13"    16" x 15"    18" x 16"
Toms:           8" x 8"      10" x 8"      12" x 8"      13" x 9"       14" x 10"  

We recommend & supply Protection Racket AAA cases at special rates when ordered with any Guru drums