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Origin Custom Range

Exquisitely crafted undrilled shells - bespoke Origin hardware - a world of choice


In detail


Both Origin Performance & Origin classic range drums have been specified to ensure optimised performance towards a certain sound palate, whilst ensuring flexibility to cover a wide range of tunings & applications.  Every aspect of their build is considered & tested, including shell depths, bearing edge profiles, timber species, etc.  Our Origin Custom range gives you the ability to further refine the instrument's sound according to your personal preferences.  We don't leave you on your own to work out what's best for you, we help you every step of the way.  We have vast experience in crafting specific tone & performance qualities, & through extensive A - B testing, we know what elements combine to craft the instrument voice you're seeking.


Please browse the shell construction section to give you the basics on the inherent properties of the different shell crafting methods.  While you're there, check out just some of the woods we have available to craft your bespoke kit.  Not all wood species are available all the time, & not all are suitable for steam bending.  Some are fairly economical to source, & others can be very expensive.  Just because a wood is expensive, doesn't mean it necessarily makes a good instrument.  Again, this is where our expertise is invaluable.  We'll also tell you what the affects of shell depth, bearing edges, & other aspects are.  A truly impressive instrument should always be greater than the sum of it's parts.  

Solid shells, especially Origin shells, are able to deliver performance that ply shells can't replicate.  You can go deep on your shell depth without creating overtone issues normally associated with such sizes.  Similarly, you can go shallow without sacrificing too much body & tone, but all of these elements must be considered in the context of the instrument as a whole.  If we think it won't sound good, we won't build it.  We care about our customers, & the instruments with our name on them.



We don't offer wraps or lacquer finishes on our Origin drums.  They add unwanted mass to the shell, & reduce the prominent fundamental voice.  Such finishes are fine on ply drums, & look great on veneer finishes offered by others, but they're not for us, as such finishes curtail performance of our highly resonant shells.  Our Origin Custom range drums take a little longer to make than our Classic & Performance ranges, simply because sourcing the timber and/or re-jigging can take a bit of time.  

You can also use our Custom range to specify sizes or depths not available in our performance or Classic ranges.  Except for extremes, there's no additional charge for this service, outside of any increase in material costs.




6MM thick solid steam bent or stave shells.  Any timber species you want (subject to availability & suitability for certain constructions)

Guru signature segmented in any timber species.  "S" hoops - die cast - 1.6mm & 2.3mm triple flange.  Bespoke Guru 2mm nickel or triple chrome plated hoops available sometime 2013.

Hardware (lugs, legs, spurs, brackets):
Aerospace grade aluminium.  machined from solid bar/billet.  Hand polished & either triple chrome or nickel plated.  Stainless steel screws.

Tension screws:
M5, 30tpi, bespoke plain shank, stainless steel

Available sizes:
Bass drums:  From 16" through to 32" in any depth (subject to timber species availability and construction considerations)
Floor toms:   From 13" through to 20" in any depth (subject to conditions as above)
Toms:           Performance (stave) from 8" through to 16".   Classic (steam bent) from 10" through to 16"

We recommend & supply Protection Racket AAA cases at special rates when ordered with any Guru drums