Guru Drumworks


Do you make all your own shells?
Yes. We make everything to do with our shells & hoops in house.
Do you offer ply shelled drums?
No. There's some great ply shelled drums available from other makers, but we specialise in what we know works best.
Do you offer a range of finishes?
Yes. We offer any finish that features the natural beauty of the wood, without affecting the sound of our drums. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Do you offer wrapped drums?
No. We believe that wrapped drums have their place, but not on a Guru Drumworks instrument.
What sizes do you offer?
6" to 26" in pretty much any depth you could reasonably want.
How long does it take to make a kit?
Of course, that depends on many factors. The actual build may only take a few weeks, but sourcing specific woods may add significantly to that time.
When I order my instrument, will I have to pay a deposit?
Yes. Once we've agreed on the exact specification to suit your requirements, we'll ask you to forward a 50% deposit with your order. The balance will need to be paid prior to despatch of your finished instrument.
Can I specify the type of heads supplied with my instrument?
Yes. Unless otherwise requested, our quoted price includes Evans heads of your choice. Heads from other manufacturers can also be supplied. Please state your requirements at the time of enquiry.