Welcome to Guru Drumworks.  The home of the highest quality solid wood drums available, exquisitely crafted from the world's most characterful timber species. 

Our new innovative Origin series is in production & now available to order.  We're also launching a groundbreaking new series of snare drums at the Jobeky custom drum show in May, followed by another series of kits that feature the same unique shell technology.  There's a lot happening at Guru, so be sure to check out our news section for regular updates, & our honest capture videos for true representations of how our Origin series drums sound in the real world.


Hot News!

Our three Origin series show kits and our show/ex demo snares are for sale at a huge discount (at least 40%)  Please go to our news section for more details.


Our drums


All our instruments are designed & crafted with one core principal in mind, "it's all about the sound". There's zero compromise in the execution of our art.  Each drum is specified to produce a defined voice, & every element contributes to that goal, whilst ensuring complete flexibility of tuning options.  We only use solid shell constructions, never ply, as we know the improvement in performance is worth the additional work & cost.  We're all about innovation too, but not just for the sake of it.  Our latest Origin series represents the very pinnacle of drum making, & Origin's unique hardware enhances the instrument's celebration of the wood species.  


Using only the finest materials


Creating the finest instruments starts with hand selecting the highest quality boards. We're constantly searching for that prize batch.  All our woods are selected from sustainable sources, keeping those beautiful timbers available for future drummers & all to enjoy.  In the Origin series, our bespoke low mass hardware is machined from solid bar in the UK, & that will roll out across our entire product range from spring 2013.

The perfect sound


We craft our instruments using stave & steambent shells for a reason, sound quality!  Stave shells feature unstressed vertical grain that efficiently transmits vibrations from the batter head to the reso head to offer the fullest & most faithful reproduction of the unique species voice.  Steambent shells are stressed and respond to both direct & sympathetic resonance from the lightest input from the player. 

A selection of super accurately cut bearing edge profiles, the choice of matching Guru signature solid segmented & proprietary quality hoops, plus expertly augmented species, thickness & depth specifications, completes the special Guru Drumworks sound palate.

Please go to our shell construction & Products pages for more detailed information about how we create our exceptional sounding drums.

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